Wotcha there goats.

So, I have decided to switch up the ropes a little bit and take a slight turn away from the vintage.

(Long story short- I haven’t bought anything vintage recently). 

My first purchases was bought at the sunday (up)market in brick lane. Just a quick dip in but I was particularly drawn to this necklace


My mother so nicely pointed out they look like batteries which totally ruined it for me. BUT I still like it because its simple. I think it was around 8pounds- slightly expensive but it feels a good quality.

Well that was well justified you goat. 


I then took a trip into H&M… and I found the vest I have been searching for for AGES.

Go goaty go.

SAM_2823   knit

Its literally a knitted tank top which I saw a fellow goat wear a while back, I have been searching ever since. How romantic. 

I also bought this ‘bralette’.. do you call it that? For 7.99 (the top was the same price ^ ).

SAM_2833  I love it, it is the most comfortable thing ever and it looks great under seethroughish tops. Slaggy goat. Would highly recommend getting one though.

onto the NEXT….

So again, for 7.99 I saw this top, really thin knit and oh my gad I picked out something that was not black…


So I do look like a massive goat..and am wearing my man jeans… but here it is on..


I also headed into Zara- definitely my favourite high street store. I picked this up for 13pounds in the sale. It looks great with a pair of jeans or even shorts for a slightly dressier look.


Thank you fellow goats. Come back for a nose soon…

Do feel free to contact the goat herself anytime:



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