Number 182 Brick Lane. The purple building on the corner before Bacon Street.

I personally find it quite expensive vintage (unless they have a sale- which in this case they did). Of course i’m obviously just a cheap-skate goat. 

Although, it is a nice shop with lots of clothes to choose from…and  great for jumpers.

I spent a good half hour trying on wool skirts but sadly they just do not suit me.

Just stick to the jeans you utter goat. 

However, I did pull out this short sleeved crochet cardigan..


Which may I add- does look rather nice on! I like it because you can dress it up or down- it looks great with black shorts, a long pendant and Dr Martens.

crochet 2

 I bought it in the sale for 5pounds- which is just splennnnnndid.

They also have a sheet by the till for you to write your email so you can be put on the guest-list for their upcoming party.


Thank you fellow goat…come back for a nose soon…

feel free to contact the goat herself………. vintage_goat@yahoo.co.uk


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