Following up on my latest trip to Brick lane, I headed into the Vintage Basement.

Good for fur coats actually when I went, but this goat definitely didn’t need another one .  They also have plenty of well priced levi denim jackets and jeans.

They have rails on the floor you walk into and an ‘everything ten pounds’ basement (hence the name- FUNNY that).

When I went they had a rather good sale on, so I decided to push the boat out from my usual dress code of black skinnies.


I found this 1930’s, gingham print, (can I call it gingham?) long skirt. It is the tiniest bit too big but with a belt it fits fine!

(horrendous photo I know…)


It does actually look great with a tight black top and Dr Martens or my lace up shoes bought from Rokit…. (https://vintagegoat.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/rokit-goat/)


However, I’m not sure whether I would be brave enough to wear it out?

I bought it for 9 pounds and to be honest I really do love it regardless of what people say!

That is all for now fellow goats… come back for a nose soon! 

please do feel free to contact the goat further… vintage_goat@yahoo.co.uk


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