Hello goats.

rokit logo

I’m back. Feeling goatier than ever. 

I took a little trip into Rokit again and found 3 knits.

grey turtle neck

This grey turtleneck number was 9pound-  a mens jumper but it looks nicer baggier with tight jeans or disco pants (which I did actually buy a while ago but still haven’t worn). It is cashmere and made in Italy- it feels looooooovely.


Shirt collar knits are really in at the moment, therefore I was rather chuffed at finding this one for 6pounds (in the sale).

 I know its shocking that I have chosen 3 items that are not black- I must not be thinking straight…….. 


Maybe it was because I was chatting to a rather handsome goat earlier so was feeling daring? 

My final purchase has quickly become my favourite after much debating and nearly not buying.

SAM_2793 SAM_2797


This jumper was initially 15 pounds- I didn’t really want to spend 30pounds on all three tops (as I had already bought some new Dr Martens…) so… I attempted to come to a decision- which was to just buy the grey and blue top.

I trotted to the till, but became easily convinced by the guy serving that I should definitely buy the jumper. After much deliberation he managed to get all three items down to 21 pounds!


Thank you fellow goats…come back for a nose soon.

Feel free to contact the goat herself. 



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