I must firstly apologise for being such a quiet goat recently.

Here is a song to make it up to you so that you can listen and read. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=px42qZcCeRU

However, keep calm, I do have some new purchases. Just slightly off- but technically on Brick Lane is their Tea Rooms market. This is literally one floor full of antique furniture, jewellery, old suitcases, collectables and accessories. They also have a cafe- hence the name ‘tea room’.

The prices vary over the stalls, some being good value and some being quite dear.

My first find was this little vintage Brownie camera. At 15pounds, I feel I did pay way over what I should have, although I did find exactly the same one in another antiques shop for 30pounds.

camera goat

 Further in there are some more stalls with similar cameras but for the same price ~(or newer cameras for ten pounds but not with the same appeal).  I personally didn’t feel the others had the same charm (either that or I am just trying to justify the price).

I have recently been really into butterflies (don’t ask why). In an attempt to show something for claiming as being ‘creative’ I have decided to create my own art using them. 

my bookshelf creation

my bookshelf creation

 I had this pack of wooden butterflies that I wanted to use for a display. Wondering around the Tea Rooms I found the perfect frame to use. Getting it down to only 11pounds I can quite happily say it was a STEAL. My (rather amateur) creation has now been framed and sits proudly on my wall. 


Much much nicer picture to come I promise.

Goodbye fellow goats.. come back for a nose soon! 


please do feel free to contact the goat further… vintage_goat@yahoo.co.uk


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