My latest Beyond Retro purchases were actually found online. I don’t usually like shopping for vintage items online as I much prefer rummaging. Although yes, of course, knowing me- I did manage to find something.

horse shirt goat

I ADORE this shirt. Stunned I like something which isn’t black mind. Yes it’s slightly wacky but it looks great with cuffed skinnies and wedges. (6in wedge of course because this goat is small). I bought it for 15pounds.

I actually saw this shirt in a magazine but in cream, it was sold on ASOS Marketplace- I did try to find it but it had been sold. I much prefer it in green though. (worth the wait)




I also found this leather clutch bag.

bag goat

Completely flawless. For 18pounds. I usually only have the one bag and rarely rotate- hence not wearing this bag out yet. Like my bags talked about in ‘Absolute Vintage’ Goat, I need a perfectly impractical occasion to arise for me use them.

…like a nice dinner with a handsome goat. 

Thank you fellow goats, come back for a nose soon!



please do feel free to contact the goat further… vintage_goat@yahoo.co.uk


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