Absolute vintage has absolutely thousands of vintage clothes.  It really requires a good old rummage! (If you’re in a hurry or want something quick- probably not the place for you!)


I always go to the one on 15 Hanbury Street (Brick Lane). I find it very hit or miss whenever I go- but it’s definitely best for bags.  They also now do a loyalty scheme where you get 10pounds off your tenth purchase. Handy.


I’ve only been lucky enough to find something here a few times (probably about 3) hence only having the one stamp from a recent purchase. You have to be rather patient and search through everything, which is something I lack.


They are quite good for vintage designer bags at good prices- usually having a good selection in their glass cases, but again it depends if you’re lucky on the day or not!

Even though this item is not a recent purchase, it neeeds to be shown as an example of some of the great things you can find here.

baggy goat

The first bag I found was this beautiful, slightly organgy, tan bag, with a metal clasp.  It is my all time favourite. However, the clasp is slightly dodgy and I feel it is tooo good to use regularly.

It’s quite small- everyone is amusingly amazed by it- I’ve even got stopped a few times to be complimented on it! (if you’re feeling lonely, wear a bag out like this- it sparks up a lot of attention).

SAM_2624       SAM_2625

I bought it for 25pounds.  For the beauty of the product, I personally feel it was worth the price- some may beg to differ, but its one of those rare finds.

More onto my recent purchases..

I found this cute little black ‘man bag’.  Lucky for me, some man obviously didn’t find it cool enough. HOWEVER, I did see a very elderly gentleman on the tube with the exact same one in a less pristine condition the other day…

Anyway here it is…

black bag

Haven’t worn it out yet, I need somewhere perfectly impractical to take it with me…there will soon come a day I’m sure.

I bought it for 20pounds. There is absolutely no fault to it, only the fact that the over-the-shoulder strap was missing- which I probably wouldn’t have used anyway!

It has about four different compartments in it so it’s handy for stuffing lots in.

Thank you fellow goats… come back for a nose soon!


please do feel free to contact the goat further… vintage_goat@yahoo.co.uk


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