I love nothing more than riffling through boxes of old letters, photographs and postcards. I seem to think that somehow I am reviving people’s past memories, either that or i’m just creepy and nosey.  I must have sat there for an hour but here is what I found: 

SAM_2657  SAM_2655

I firstly found this letter dated 1937. It reads: 


Mrs. E. W. Waterworth

44 Toorak Road,


I the undersigned HENRY BEECHER WATERWORTH hereby acknowledge that I am indebted to you in the sum of Three hundred and ninety three pounds being amount advanced by you to me on the 3rd day of November  1930.

Dated the 9th day of December 1937.

H.B Waterworth

I found it interesting that the money was lent in 1930- but the letter was actually written in 1937. I also found it interesting that it was to a Mrs Waterworth, signed from Henry Waterworth. 

What do you think? 


My second find is an old programme for the performance of ‘Red Roses For Me’ dated 1946. This was performed at the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith.  Being an actor myself, I loved looking through this, now I just have to find a frame! 

SAM_2662    SAM_2661


My final find was a letter, dated 1904. It was really sweet and I couldn’t help but smile when I read it- but  I also felt a sense of guilt  as if I was intruding! 


It reads:

Dear Mr Waterworth

I must thank you for the very handsome clocks and bronzes which Mr Sawyer presented to me on behalf of the officers of the company. I shall value them all my life and they will remind me of the many kind friends I had at Faragson Works.

As I do not know your address, Mr Sawywer promised to send you the cake on and so I am sending it to him and hope you will not find it too stale.  When the cook heard that I was to be married he begged to have to order for my cake and at last I gave it to him and he certainly excelled. Our minister who is constantly tasting wedding cakes remarked on it being so nice, so much for Faragson Works. Were you surprised at the news, I gave you a few hints  that I would not be there much longer but did not mention why as we had not decided the date and said nothing until nearer the time. Mr Clark seemed very much taken aback and when I said I was leaving in two months, asked what was wrong.

Married life I think agrees with me for I feel much stronger and we are very happy. We have been married three weeks today. It seems longer, such a lot has happened.

Now I must say goodbye as it is nearly time for my husbands return when he likes his tea ready for him. (haha)

With kind regards and trusting you are very successful and sending plenty of orders for Mr. Meves to tackle.

Yours very sincerely

Triffy Thompson.



I found it veeery interesting that this letter was also coincidentally to a ‘Mr Waterworth’  just like the first letter. Is it the same person? 

What do you think fellow goats?


come back for a nose soon… 

and do feel free to contact the goat further…


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