‘Rokit’ in Brick Lane (101/107 (E1 6SE) is by far one of my top places to shop and guarantee to find something! (therefore avoid at all costs when broke) 

rokit logo

Following up on my latest trip- I was rather successful. 

I found a gorgeous pair of real leather  boots in the smaller Rokit- made in Italy with lace up hook detail. I bought these for only £20, the condition of them is flawless .


Yes, they are a size too small. But the slight discomfort is so worth it.

I also picked up an item from ‘Rokit Recycled’, where clothing is altered and adjusted in their warehouse. ( I like the thread on the tag too much to open it but it has details about the item and who made it on there)


I found this black velvet coat with a thick fur trim (which had been added on from another coat). It cost me 35pounds and I’ve worn it pretty much everyday since. Yes, it’s my new baby.

coat edited

Their sale also had some hidden gems- some tops are reduced to as little as £3. I bought a teal turtle neck with a zip down the back (£3). I don’t usually go for any other colour but black, but I was feeling adventurous.


As soon as I thought I had found enough for the one shop, the girl opposite me (yes she is completely to blame) picked up a high neck sleeveless vest with silver flecks. After hanging around for ten minutes in hope she put it down- she did. I grabbed it, tried it on and sadly it looked great. (muhaha) I wore it in the evening over  a black strapless bodycon dress and doc martins, the ten pounds was worth it.

top sparkles

I spent a grand total of £68 pounds, but compared to street prices I got way more for my money, especially as the price included a coat and leather boots.

I tried to resist the urge of going into the bigger Rokit further down- knowing I had been so successful in the little one alone. Unfortunately, my willpower wasn’t strong enough but it did lead me to my favourite purchase… every cloud and all that.

top editied

No picture can capture the beauty of this top (cheese but true), but it is sheer and completely embellished in black beads. I nearly chocked when I saw it was a tenner. I’m still trying to find the fault because it was so cheap, maybe it will unravel after I  wear it more than once?

Goodbye fellow goat, come back for a nose soon.

please do feel free to contact the goat further… vintage_goat@yahoo.co.uk


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